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Chief John Whisenant

Chief John Whisenant Chief John Whisenant

John Whisenant has over 10 years of experience as a full-time and volunteer firefighter. His career began when he started volunteering Gallatin Fire Dept. in 2003. After graduating from the Arkansas Fire Academy, he served four years in Iraq as a civilian firefighter occupying the positions of engineer and fire prevention officer. When he returned home, he worked as a police, fire, and maintenance department dispatcher for the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA). After only eight months in that position, he was chosen to be an Aircraft Rescue Firefighter and EMT at XNA.

John has been volunteering for the Beaver Lake Fire Department for seven years.  After five years of service, he was promoted to training officer and Captain. In October of 2014, the Beaver Lake Fire Department Board of Directors started searching for a qualified candidate for the open chief position and John was appointed as the interim-chief. While interim-chief, John made positive changes for both the department and the Beaver Lake community. He believes in always doing what is best for the community, and, because of his willingness to put the community first, in January of 2015, John was chosen to be the full-time Beaver Lake Fire Department Chief.