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Beaver Lake Volunteer Fire Department To Seek Dues Increase

Beaver Lake Volunteer Fire Department To Seek Dues Increase

Prairie Creek, AR February 7, 2017Due to growing demands for service, and declining volunteer availability, the Beaver Lake Fire Department will be asking residents to approve a $75 increase in annual dues. The first step in this process will be with the Benton County Quorum Court to set the election date.

Fire Chief John Whisenant said “Our department ran 550 calls in 2016 and will run at least 600 this year. Our volunteer resources are no longer adequate to meet today’s needs.” Agencies such as the National Fire Protection Association, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration set standards for the safe operation at emergency scenes. Each home fire should have no fewer than four responders (2 inside, and 2 outside) before beginning interior firefighting operations. Medical and Rescue response also require adequate manpower to safely mitigate the emergency.

Voters last approved an increase of $35.00 in 2007, which was meant to be a five year increase. “The Board of Directors have been managing the funds as wisely as possible, as evident in the fact that we were able to go five years more on our last dues increase” Dr. John Redwine, president of the board added. Chief Whisenant said “ I am not only looking at today’s needs, I am also looking at the next five years, and it is clear that we require more resources to ensure the continued safety of our community, and of our responders.” The community can learn more about the need for a dues increase at the fire department annual meeting on February 25th, 2017 at 16035 Cypress Ln at 10:00 am.

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