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Beaver Lake Fire Department Saves Multiple Home

Prairie Creek, AR April 9, 2016With assistance from Rocky Branch FD, Piney Point FD, Rogers FD, and Arkansas Forestry the Beaver Lake Fire Department contained an 18 acre brush fire that threatened multiple homes.

Fire Chief John Whisenant said “resources were stretched thin during this fire, from needing more manpower, to a brush truck breaking down during the fire.” The fire which was reported at 17869 Arkansas Hwy 12 Saturday afternoon, gives a perfect example of the complex challenges rural volunteer fire departments face. This challenge is Urban Interface fire, where homes are built into the surrounding wooded areas creating and increased fire danger.

“With limited resources, critical choices have to be made to contain urban interface fires” said Chief Whisenant. The fire which started south of canyon village road, was spread by wind and jumped the road. The windy, dry conditions helped to spread the fire a nearby detached carport housing boats, and caused minor damage to a deck on a home. The fire also spread to a detached two car garage causing minor damage.

Beaver Lake resident Kathy Crego said, “My house today. Thank you to all the fire departments that responded and saved my house.” The Beaver Lake Fire Department encourages all residents in the Lake area to learn about the Arkansas FireWise program. This program offers tips to help protect your homes from wildfires. Visit; http://www.firewise.org/about.aspx