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Beaver Lake Fire Department Acquires Rescue Boat

Prairie Creek, AR Feb. 15, 2016With generous contributions from the community, and grant money from the Northwest Arkansas Economic Division, the Beaver Lake Fire Department (BLFD) has purchased a RescueONE Connector Boat.

Fire Chief John Whisenant said “this rescue boat will provide additional protection for our community and the many visitors to Beaver Lake.” Tyler Brunson started the campaign for the boat with a GoFundMe web page after a friend witnessed a personal water craft accident in Prairie Creek Cove. Senator Cecile Bledsoe and State Representative Grant Hodges assisted the department in obtaining grant money and the community supported the project with donations, making the rescue boat a reality.

The new rescue boat will be housed at the Prairie Creek Marina and will respond to emergency calls primarily north of the Highway 12 Bridge and south of the bridge near Horseshoe Bend. “With a planned in-service date of April 14th 2016, our goal is to vastly improve response times to emergencies on Beaver Lake,” Chief Whisenant added.

The BLFD will be conducting training in boat operations, rescue operations, and the use of sonar over the next several weeks. BLFD president, Dr. John Redwine said, “this project would not have been possible without the generous support of our community.”