Thank You
The Beaver Lake Fire Department wishes to thank everyone who went to the polls and cast their vote in our special dues election. As all are probably aware, the dues increase passed 612 FOR 306 Against. In the short term, there will be no major change in day to day operation as the revenue from this dues increase will not begin until next year. In the meantime, the BLFD Board of Directors and FD Command staff will be working on planning and implementation of the improved services. We look forward to continued service to our community. In the coming days, the Chief will post a letter talking about the improved service, for your safety, in the Beaver Lake Fire District.

A Special THANK YOU to the Friends of Beaver Lake Fire Department for their steadfast efforts in getting out the information to our community.

The Beaver Lake Fire Department is an organization of dedicated professional volunteers, whose mission is to; Save Lives, Protect Property, and enhance the quality of life for the residents and visitors of the Beaver Lake community.
About the BLFD
The residents of our wonderful community saw the need for local emergency services, and formed the Beaver Lake Fire Department (BLFD) in 1979, under the direction of Chief Bob Linville. In the early days BLFD had only a late 50’s model pickup truck with a brush pump. Our first fire-engine was donated by the Lowell Fire Department, but was found to be underpowered for the hills of our district. Today BLFD has eight emergency apparatus to respond to nearly 550 calls each year. Starting with the single fire station located on Cypress Ln, in Beaver Shores, the BLFD added a second fire station on Grimes Dr in 1998.

BLFD has been known as a forward looking organization hiring Benton County’s first paid volunteer fire chief (Andy Jeager) in 1988. Chief Jeager served our community for 20 years before retiring. His leadership and vision paved the way for lower home-owners insurance premiums for many of our residents through an improved ISO rating. Following in the footsteps of Chief Jeager was Chief Jerry Owen who served many years as a volunteer for BLFD, and who retired from the City of Rogers FD after a long career. Chief Owen helped to modernize our fire apparatus fleet, and helped to make a much needed addition to our Cypress Ln fire station adding a classroom, that not only helps our firefighters, but is also a community room for area POA groups. Chief Owen retired at the end of 2012 after a 40 year career in the fire service. Chief Mark Finocchio began his work for BLFD in 2013, bringing his years of experience from across the country to help guide our department through a period of retirements. Men and Women who served our community for 20-30 years who forged the path and set valuable traditions for emergency services in our community.

Beginning in 2015 a twelve year veteran of the fire service ( 8 years serving as a volunteer for BLFD) John Whisenant was hired as BLFD’s fourth paid fire chief. Since 2015 BLFD has improved our brush firefighting capabilities by repurposing our 2012 rescue, into a brush fire truck. BLFD has also added back into our fleet a much need second water tanker truck that brings water to the scene of a fire due to lack of fire hydrants in our rural areas. With the increasing use of Beaver Lake, and the ever expanding Prairie Creek marina, in 2016 BLFD added a rescue boat for emergencies on Beaver Lake. Never forgetting where our department started, and the men and women who worked so hard to set the foundation of our emergency services, BLFD continues to strive to answer the challenges of today. As our community ages, and increased population from around NW Arkansas ventures out into our community to use our recreational offerings, BLFD will see even greater demands on our services. We are your fire department, your lifeline when you dial 911, and with your support we can continue to answer the call for help day and night, weekends too.