Brush/Rescue 1251

Brush/Rescue 1251 is a 2012 Ford F450 Super Duty Chassis with a 2015 Custom Flatbed and Brush Rescue Skid. This Brush Rescue Skid unit holds 200 gallons of water and five gallons of foam. Brush/Rescue 1251 is equipped with a medical first response bag and an AED (used in heart attack emergencies). Brush/Rescue 1251 is also equipped with a set of Extrication tools used for motor vehicle accidents (Jaws of life) and carries three firefighters. Lastly, Brush/Rescue 1251 is the only apparatus on Beaver Lake equipped to safely carry an injured patient out of the woods via a custom rescue platform on the bed of the truck. This feature is commonly found on trail rescue vehicles in citys.