Ambulance 1262 is a 2008 Ford F450 Excellance. This ambulance is a volunteer Basic Life Support licensed ambulance operated out of our Grimes Drive Station. Used to respond to medical emergencies, ambulance 1262 carries a wide variety of medical equipment. Some of the interventions available on ambulance 1262 include; breathing treatments, nasal narcan, Life Pak 12 monitor/AED, Zoll Autopulse, Oral Glucose, Epi-Pen, and more. Ambulance 1262 utilizes the Stryker XPS power cot, and in fall of 2017 will be upgraded with the Stryker Autoloader system improving both patient and responder safety.

Rescue/Engine 1213 is a 1999/2017 refurbished Pierce Dash, with a 1500gpm top mount pump, 1,000 gallons of water, and class A and B foam systems. Rescue/Engine 1213 is an NFPA 1901 equipped structural fire engine and is also equipped with a full set of Amkus extrication tool, and Res-Q-Jack stabilization struts. Rescue/Engine 1213 is equipped also with a medical response bag and carries 4 firefighters.

Rescue Boat 1271 is a 2016 RescueOne connector boat. This rescue boat features a 50hp motor, a specialized dive rescue platform that not only helps rescuers on and off the boat, but also helps to secure the patient in the water for treatment. The rescue boat also has a Hummingbird Helix 9 sonar unit to aid in subsurface water rescues and recoveries. Rescue boat 1271 is equipped with a medical response bag to treat injured patients, and carries a minimum of two rescuers when responding. This boat was funded 100% by community donations and two local grants, and is housed free of charge at the Prairie Creek Marina.

Station 2, located at 8944 Grimes Dr, was constructed in 1998. This station is centrally located in Prairie Creek, and meets the ISO geographical standard for response within a 5 mile radius. Station 2 has three fire apparatus, and also houses the administration offices for the Beaver Lake Fire Department. While Beaver Lake Fire Department is On Call 24/7, our office hours are Monday-Friday 8am-6pm, and Saturday-Sunday 10am-6pm. Please feel free to stop by for a visit, see the emergency equipment you help to fund, and meet your firemen.

Station 1, located at 16035 Cypress Lane, was constructed in 1979. This is our original station and meets the ISO geographical standard for response within a 5 mile radius. Station 1 had an addition made to the original structure in 2010 funded by donations from the community, and a grant from the state. This addition features a modern training classroom, kitchen facilities and a living area for future staffing. Station 1 currently has two fire apparatus located here, and also serves as our fueling point for our fleet.

Tender 1221 is a 2009 Peterbilt/Deep South wet side tanker, with a 500gpm side mount pump, and a 3,000 gallon water tank. Tender 1221 is used for rural water supply where fire hydrants are not easily accessible or available. This apparatus carries two firefighters and has two fire attack hose loads making this apparatus capable of fighting a fire as well as delivering extra water.

Brush/Rescue 1251 is a 2012 Ford F450 Super Duty Chassis with a 2015 Custom Flatbed and Brush Rescue Skid. This Brush Rescue Skid unit holds 200 gallons of water and five gallons of foam. Brush/Rescue 1251 is equipped with a medical first response bag and an AED (used in heart attack emergencies). Brush/Rescue 1251 is also equipped with a set of Extrication tools used for motor vehicle accidents (Jaws of life) and carries three firefighters. Lastly, Brush/Rescue 1251 is the only apparatus on Beaver Lake equipped to safely carry an injured patient out of the woods via a custom rescue platform on the bed of the truck. This feature is commonly found on trail rescue vehicles in citys.

Tender 1222 is a 1966/1989 GMC wet side tanker with an 800GPM PTO pump, and carries 5,000 gallons of water. Tender 1222 carries two firefighters and is primarily responds to rural areas where fire hydrants are either not accessible, or un available. Tender 1222 offers the largest amount of water carried by any fire department in Benton County.

This is a 2010 Chevrolet Tahoe assigned to the Chief for 24/7 emergency response capability. The Tahoe is equipped with a medical response bag, fire extinguishers, a command board, mobile WIFI and a Tablet used for GPS mapping, locating hydrants, gate codes, knox boxes, and completing fire reports.

Engine 1212 is a 2005 International/Pierce, with a 1250GPM Top Mount Pump, 1,000 gallons of water, and a 20 Gallon Foam cell. Rescue/Engine 1212 is also equipped with a medical response bag. Rescue/Engine 1212 carries two firefighters.